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Why Sales Paddock

List horses from your phone anywhere in less than 5 minutes or click the button below to fill in a form and we’ll add for you. Website version coming soon!

Allow you to choose exactly the horses you want to see in an area you designate. We have pre-selected popular horse shows that sellers can check into to create more organization.

Our Seller Side Dashboard allows you to keep your horses organized like you never have before without sitting at a computer. Plus our cool features such as Alert and Horse Show Check-in make Sales Paddock the most unique selling experience.

Alerts are exclusive to the Sales Paddock App and tie into the buyer Saves. Sellers can send an Alert to buyers who have saved that horse. Alerts can be used while at shows to let them know when you are riding or for price change, awards, the possibilities are endless.

Sales Paddock is always innovating to make it the most effective way to buy and sell horses. New features in 2018 will include:

1) The Sellers list is going to change to a map with pins so you can plan trips to multiple sellers in an area.

2) You will be able to organize your Saved horses into collections to keep them more organized.

3) The website version will be launching to allow us to reach more users that may not want to have the app.


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Want someone else to manage your sale horses? The following partners list all their sale horses on Sales Paddock plus create a full marketing strategy for your horses.

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Behind The App

Alison Koenig

Alison Koenig

Mastermind and CEO

I came up with the idea of Sales Paddock back in 2015 due to my own frustration in selling horses. What started as an app to exclusively sell at horse shows, has now grown into so much more. Right now I do it all but certainly would love some bright minds to join our innovative team. Hit me up if you have some big dreams!


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