An innovative app as mobile as you are. Made for busy horse pros to manage their sale horses at home or on the road. No need to be on your computer, list horses from your phone in less than 2 minutes. Easy to use features such as filter, share, chat, save and alert make Sales Paddock the next generation in buying and selling horses.








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Do it on the app in less than 2 minutes or click the button below to fill in a form and we’ll add for you.

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Allow you to choose exactly the horses you want to see in an area you designate. We have pre-selected popular horse shows that sellers can check into to create more organization.

Upload all your sale horses and manage them from the app. Share to your Facebook page or different groups. Be found when your horses are at home with the “Around You” feature. Buyers can see all your horses for sale when they click on your seller icon.

Ride Alerts are exclusive to the Sales Paddock app and tie into the buyer wishlist. If the horse is checked into a horse show, sellers can send an Alert to let buyers who have saved that horse know when it is schooling or showing with a short, personalized alert.

Sales Paddock is for more than listing horses. Coming soon are services and tack sections. You can use the same packages to sell tack or services such as braiding, farrier, groom, etc at horse shows or in your area. Packages start as low as $15/month for a single listing.


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Want someone else to manage your sale horses? The following partners list all their sale horses on Sales Paddock plus create a full marketing strategy for your horses.

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Behind The App

Alison Koenig

Alison Koenig

Mastermind and CEO

I came up with the idea of Sales Paddock back in 2015 due to my own frustration in selling horses. What started as an app to exclusively sell at horse shows, has now grown into so much more. Right now I do it all but certainly would love some bright minds to join our innovative team. Hit me up if you have some big dreams!


Dream Makers and Developers

We provide a full suite of services tailored to the on demand, social, discovery, messaging and shopping platforms. We have been perfecting our value proposition to power the technology supporting your business ideas by building beautiful, fast apps. Think you have a good idea? Get in touch with us and we will bring it to life.