You may have seen our post about the 3 Reasons why TRAINERS should be using Sales Paddock? Well this one is all about buyers! Yes Sales Paddock is going to be an amazing way for trainers to get their horses to the masses, but we haven’t forgotten about the all essential buyer. Here are the 3 coolest features of Sales Paddock BUYERS are going to love:

  1. Wishlist: Every horse listed on Sales Paddock has 2 icons on its post, one of which is a little heart that says “I love this one!” That horse then goes over to your wishlist. The cool part…you’ll always have access to that wishlist. Even after the show, the horses will be saved in your account until you decide to delete them.
  2. Share: The other icon on each sale horse is the share icon. Find a cool horse? Share it with your trainer, then meet up to check it out when it goes out to ride. Don’t have a trainer? Share it with a friend to check it out with you.
  3. Exposure: Sales Paddock is all about connecting horse people in a way that has never been done before. Just like trainers are getting exposure to new buyers, buyers will gain that same advantage. There could be that special horse out there you would have never seen if it wasn’t for Sales Paddock.

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