Quarter Horses For Sale

Are you looking for top-quality Quarter Horses for sale? Salespaddock.com features talented Quarter Horses that are well-versed in a variety of disciplines. Whether you’re interested in equitation, Western pleasure, trail riding, or just an all-around versatile horse, Salespaddock.com has the equine partner that you’re looking for. Quarter Horses are a diverse breed, and often excel […]

Tips for Selling a Horse Privately

Selling a horse privately can be a daunting process. Horses are our athletic partners and we form a bond, so selling can take an emotional toll. However, there are some specific processes and techniques you can follow in order to make the process easier. Why do owners choose to sell their horse? There are many […]

3 Reasons Why BUYERS Should use Sales Paddock

You may have seen our post about the 3 Reasons why TRAINERS should be using Sales Paddock? Well this one is all about buyers! Yes Sales Paddock is going to be an amazing way for trainers to get their horses to the masses, but we haven’t forgotten about the all essential buyer. Here are the […]

3 Reasons Why TRAINERS Should use Sales Paddock

I’m an ex-horse trainer that still has passion for the biz, thus Sales Paddock was born. I’m speaking directly to trainers because this app is designed to make your life easier. I designed Sales Paddock to cut the clutter and time of selling horses at horse shows. With this post, I want to get trainers […]

Stop making BAD sale ads

Has your horse been sitting on an ad site forever without getting any calls? Maybe your ad needs some tweaking. Check out these tips for creating better sale ads and attracting more buyers. Let’s start with a quick question…where are you on the horse sales spectrum? There are 4 types of sellers:  Well Connected: The […]

Horses in the Digital Age

Where is the Internet taking the Horse Community? Equine enthusiasts have taken Facebook by storm. Need your horse hauled? There’s a group for that. Have a love of all things Friesian? There’s a group for that. Want to get your horse into acting? There’s a group for that! Our love of horses goes beyond the […]