Where is the Internet taking the Horse Community?

Equine enthusiasts have taken Facebook by storm. Need your horse hauled? There’s a group for that. Have a love of all things Friesian? There’s a group for that. Want to get your horse into acting? There’s a group for that!

Our love of horses goes beyond the bond between us and our horse. We have all created long lasting friendships with barn mates. The web has allowed us to expand our focus and that love. It has brought a sport which used to be completely regional to national and even international connection.

We are not only making new horse friends via our Facebook groups, but we can buy a horse off a YouTube video from 1000 miles away. (Then when you need it hauled, find that Facebook group). That new horse needs a trainer, well your options can now be farther away because trainers are able to update with pictures and videos when you can’t get there.

Beyond Facebook and YouTube, we now have webcasting.

Did you get to watch the show jumping at Miami Beach? I would be terrified to jump 5 feet but the chance to jump next to the ocean?? That might have been the coolest thing I have ever seen!

And I got to see it! No I don’t live in Miami, it was only 39 degrees outside my living room, but I saw every round. I got to see some of the most amazing athletes jumping on the beach right from my computer.

Even as little as 3 years ago, horse events weren’t readily televised. You got the Olympics and the Triple Crown, that was your horse entertainment. New companies offering webcasting are the next big thing and it’s getting more localized all the time.

What’s Next?

Smart phones aren’t going away, and if you don’t have one and use it for everything, you are quickly becoming irrelevant.  Apps are all the rage! If you can’t do it from your phone, why bother!

The horse world is slow to take on new technology, but simple apps that can make your life more efficient will be the next wave of technology to hit the horse industry. Try some of the new apps coming out and see how they will simplify your life.

In fact, once you try them, give feedback to the developer and get them improved so we can see this technology grow. If you know of a new app that has changed your horsey world for the better, please leave a comment below so everyone can check it out!



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