Selling a horse privately can be a daunting process. Horses are our athletic partners and we form a bond, so selling can take an emotional toll. However, there are some specific processes and techniques you can follow in order to make the process easier.

Why do owners choose to sell their horse?

There are many reasons why people might choose to sell their horse privately. Sometimes, riders may move up in a division that their horse isn’t suited for, or some may go off to college and no longer have the time they once did. In other cases, a pony might have been purchased for a child who has moved up.

Sometimes its as simple as the rider realizing the horse is probably better suited for someone different, one that can work the horse with a different approach or style. In any event, the horse has a certain amount of experience and is ready to find his next human. Finding the right match for your horse by selling privately ensures that he will move on to a place where he will be cared for and excel.

What is the process for selling a horse privately?

Whether you’re selling a hunter-jumper or an all-around western pleasure horse, deciding on a sale price and advertising are the first tasks to complete. If the horse in training, sale prices may continue to rise as the horse gains more training. Or, some horse owners might offer a short trial period to see if the horse is a good fit for a prospective buyer. This is particularly beneficial for the buyer to make sure they have found a good match. However, you may want to vet the buyer and their farm by getting vet, farrier or trainer references, checking out safe fencing, and requiring the horse to be turned out alone to prevent injury during the trial.

This will also bring you relief knowing that your horse gets the kind of home they deserve. After negotiating the sales agreement and conditions of sale, get the paperwork together with all the details including any horse tack and trailering fees negotiated as part of the sale. Then you might be ready to close the sale. Tired yet?

The easiest way to sell your horse privately

Luckily today, modern technology can make selling a horse privately easier than it ever was. The Sales Paddock App gives horse sellers the means to post their horse on the app and provide all the details and information to make selling your horse privately less stressful. You can list horses and share listings quickly on the app. Potential buyers can look on the Sales Paddock map, find horses in their area and can respond to set up an appointment.

It is as easy as that! The Sales Paddock App gives buyers all the choices they need to find the perfect horse to grace their stable. With the app, they can find the horse they are looking for in a matter of minutes. This is technology at its best. Buyers can chat with sellers right on the app! Search for horses, save your favorites and filter preferences right at your fingertips. You can even check in horses at shows. If you are looking to buy or sell a horse privately, the Sales Paddock App is an excellent tool to make the process fast and easy.

Sales Paddock makes it easy to buy a horse privately

Buying a horse privately is a common route- and there is no shortage of horses for sale. Therefore, sellers must ensure the process of selling their horse is as easy as possible so they don’t lose the sale. Be honest about the horse’s training and any good or bad habits, and ask for a reasonable sale price.

People are often wary when buying a horse privately because they may have had a bad experience in the past with a seller. The Sales Paddock App helps buyers feel more comfortable because the app provides all the seller’s credentials and details of the sale. Placing the horse in the best, most suitable home possible is the number one priority. Making the sale as fun and seamless as possible is also important. Make sure your horse is sold to an owner who will provide a suitable home and has the skill to handle and care for the horse properly. The Sales Paddock app will definitely help.

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