I’m an ex-horse trainer that still has passion for the biz, thus Sales Paddock was born. I’m speaking directly to trainers because this app is designed to make your life easier. I designed Sales Paddock to cut the clutter and time of selling horses at horse shows.

With this post, I want to get trainers excited about the app since I designed it with a horse trainer mindset. Here are 3 reasons Sales Paddock is going to help your sales business:

  1.  Time: 2 huge parts of the app are the “Going to Ride” button and the chat feature.
    • Going to Ride: Ever had to text/call 5 people that you were heading out to ride or show a horse? You can use the “going to ride” button to notify anyone that has saved that horse to their favorites that you are heading out. One button click, one short description of what ring you will be at, hop on and go ride. Everyone who has saved that horse will get notified you are heading out.
    • Chat: Once people have seen the horse out and about they can contact you right through the app. Sales Paddock keeps the chats organized with each horse so you don’t have to remember who is who and what horse they were interested in.
  2. Living in the Digital Age: Think about yourself, where do you do most of your browsing? If you are like me, it’s on your phone. Technology is here to stay and apps are really the only way to go. I can see everyone up in the stands, in their down time, swiping through all the available horses (or tack, clothes, trailers, whatever you have for sale).
  3. Focused Exposure: The cool part about technology, it gives you a bigger audience. There are lots of ways to market your horses, but that is part of the problem too. There are almost too many choices and it gets hard for people to remember where they saw your horse for sale. Was it a desktop sales site? Was it Facebook? Which group? Just on the farm page? With Sales Paddock, we are organizing everything in one, easy to use place. The horses for sale are only available at each specific horse show. It cuts the clutter!

I designed Sales Paddock to be a trainers biggest asset while capitalizing on the digital age. I hope it helps you boost your sale business and takes one less stress away from you at the horse shows.

We value you feedback, please let us know if you have anything you would like to see tweaked or added.

3 Responses

  1. We would be interested in using your app. We have several going to the congress for sale. Our number is 3523394376
    Thank you
    Hidden Pines Ranch

    1. Thank you for your interest in Sales Paddock! We sent you a reply email. We look forward to chatting with you more!

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